środa, 27 stycznia 2010

Super Size Me

'Super Size Me' is set in the USA. This is a documentary film and it's about a man who carries out an experiment: What would happen if he ate fast food throughout 30days? This is the question... 
The main character is Morgan. He's slim and he has not got problems with health. One day he starts eating in Mc'Donalds, he eats all things here, starting with panckakes for dinner, hamburgers for lunch ending with chips for breakfast. After a week he has some problems with health, he vomits and he's a little bit fatter. If you want to know what will happen you must see this film!
'Super Size Me' is a classic document, which is very nice. You can also see here how unhealthy the food in McDonald's is.
In my opinion it's worth seeing. It concerns our life and health, so it's interesting. I hope that you'll see it and we'll be able to talk about it and about Mc'Donald.


How do we celebrate Christmas in Poland? Of course we have got a Christmas tree with beautiful bubles. We start preparations 2 weeks before Christmas, for example: we buy presents for our family and friends. On Christmas Eve we go for special supper. We share the wafen with our family and later we eat 12 Christmas dishes certainly without meat! After supper we open our presents. We have Christmas Midnight Mass, but I have never been on it. On Boxing Day, in the morning we go to church and later we go for dinner to our family. On New Year's Eve people go on parties and have a lot of fun. In my opinion it's the best holiday!

wtorek, 5 maja 2009

Scary story .

Tom and his friends were on holiday, in an old hotel, which belongs to Eva’s uncle, but he died 2 years ago. All friends were sitting in the living room and talking ;  

” There isn’t a real ghost here “ – said Tom.

“ No ! There is a ghost “ – said Eva. “ Look at this photo of my uncle, he was very nasty, and now his ghost walks in this house every night. People are afraid to sleep here. “ 

Sally and Tom was looking at the picture of Eva’s uncle Mr. Brovn. He was in a kilt. His face was angry and very light, his eyes were cold blue. It was a scary view. Under this image there was an old sword. Sally and Eva were scary, but Tom wasn't and he said ; 
” Ghost? It is only a stupid story ! It isn’t true. So.. I can sleep in his room “
Girls were surprised, but they allowed for it. After 1 hour friends went to their rooms. Tom was a little bit afraid of this situation. This room was cold, dark. There were a big bed, 2 chairs, a table and an old wardrobe. The boy sat on the bed. He scouted around the room. Nothing was interesting. So Tom went to sleep. But after half an hour he woke up. He sat on his bed. And looked on this table. There was a sword on a table ! But, it wasn’t there before he went to bed. It was very stange. The boy was scared. He thought ‘’ it isnt’t true ! it isn’t true ! “ . The door opened violently ! He saw Mr. Brovn there. He went to table and took the sword. The ghost came nearer and nearer. Tom wanted to run, but he couldn’t move. He also wanted to scream but he couldn’t ! He was very scary, but suddenly he woke up. It was only a dream. It was a beautiful day, and Tom had a bad dream. He went for breakfast and told all his friends about his dream. All of them laughed. THE END. 


I think that Easter isn’t as important as Christmas. But in our religion it is the most important holiday in the whole year. The so called "FAST" precedes these holidays. In this time, you can’t dance, go to parties, and eat meat on Fridays. On Holy Saturday Polish people go to church with a special basket packed with food. On Sunday we go to church for the Mass, after this we eat dinner with our family. Children believe that Easter Rabbit goes to their houses and gives them presents, but it isn’t true . And my favourite day is Monday, which is "Śmingus-Dyngus" in Polish tradition , because people pour water onto their friends. How is your Easter ?. Do you like this holiday ? What do you do in this time ? 

piątek, 1 maja 2009


I think that Carnival is very nice time in our life. In this period you can play, dance, sing and do other interesting things. People in Poland go for Carnival parties for all night and rich persons celebrate it in Rio De Janeiro. ;) I really want to see carnival in this city. There is a lot of fun, dance, music and beautiful Brazilian boys. Children on this time sometimes go on parties to school, they dress up as somebody, and have a lot of fun. In our school we celebrate Shrove Tuesday. This year I was costumed as a wino with my friend. It was very funny. I like Carnival very much.  ;D

bye ;*


We celebrate Halloween on 31st of October. It’s a holiday of ghosts, monsters, witches and other scary things. In Poland this day isn’t as popular as in England, but sometimes Polish people (usually children and teenagers) dress up as mummies, witches or very scary and ugly monsters. They usually go to school in this outfits. There are organized parties for children, but only costumed people can go there. On that parties there are competitions such as bobbing for apples, and election of the scariest costume. I have never been on a Halloween party, but I hope , that I will be . When I was younger, my friend and me, spent this holiday in my house. We made some strange elixirs, we watched scary films, and we provoked ghosts. It’s all about it .

BYE . ******* 

niedziela, 25 stycznia 2009

My dream journey

I would love to visit Australia. I would like to go there with my friends: Patricia and Patt. Australia is a very interesting place, because there are many things to do and to see. You can sunbathe, swim and surf, but you have to be careful because sometimes sharks appear near the beaches. If you like animals you can meet kangaroos and koalas. I like shopping that is why I could go shopping in Melbourne. Towns are on the coast since there is a desert on the middle of the country, If you go there you should see Ayers Rock. It’s important in the region of Aborigines and it’s a sacred place for them. There are caves in the rocks. You can also dive to Great Barrier Ref, but if you are afraid of deep water you can visit Sydney Opera House. You shouldn’t have problems with communication, cause English is an official language here, but they speak it with an Australian accent. I hope that I will visit this beautiful place very soon..

Tynia. ;*